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The Stock Market



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Auckland, New Zealand


Danilo David is an Award-Winning Photographer of almost 15 years. He build brands’ positioning through his imagery, creating the exact vibe and look they need to tell their story. Danilo saw a gap in the market for high quality digital stock imagery. That’s where I came in. I helped Danilo craft The Stock Market brand and designed a website that did two key things: show his credibility and services as well as sell his prints and digital stock image files.


Kind Words from Danilo:

"As a photographer of almost 15 years I discovered a gap in the market for high quality stock images. I wanted to create The Stock Market as a space to show off my work, share my services, sell my prints and digital stock image files. I was recommended by my clients Julia & Libby and ended up going for both Branding & Web Design. As I was currently travelling for work at the time Alarice managed the project remotely and everything went smoothly. I’m so happy with the result and would personally recommend her."


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