About Me

Alarice Stuart is a Squarespace Designer with a background in Branding. She founded Brand Babes Studio a remote branding agency where she worked with Brands both big and small such as Air New Zealand, Two Islands Co, Match Made Skin & Rhye Intimates.

Clients say there’s two things She is great at - taking all the things out of their head and creating an actionable plan & crafting killer websites that convert.


Bachelor of Design & Visual Arts (Graphic Design & Animation) 2011

Past Speaker At:

Business Buildhers (2019)

Blogs & Podcasts

Featured In.
Saben Mothers Day Campaign

Saben Guest Blog

The Lineup Podcast

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Clients To Mention

Air New Zealand, Two Islands Co., Saben, Hippie Lane, Julia & Libby, Brittany Noonan, Emily Davies, Kayla Boyd, Abby Plested, Serendipity Ave, I Am Developer, Match Made Skin, Rhye Intimates & more..



For Design Enquiries you can can fill out a form here

Email. info@alaricestuart.com

Instagram. @alaricestuart

Linkedin. linkedin.com/in/alaricestuart/

Behance. behance.net/alarices